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Bosys specializes in aerial and terrestrial (close-range) photogrammetry. Using advanced hardware and software, technicians extract 3D information from high resolution images to produce accurate profiles, topographic maps, and 3D models.

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An Orthomosaic is an image created from stitching many photos and is geometrically corrected using georectification methods to change the scale and remove distortion. Orthomosaics are used to create maps that are an accurate representation of the earth's surface; having been adjusted for topographic relief, and are suitable to take accurate measurements and capture geographic features.

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Digital Surface/Terrain Model

Digital Surface and Terrain Models (DSM/DTM) are created from point clouds generated from the imagery. A DSM represents the earth's surface and includes all existing objects on it, while a DTM represents the bare terrain with structures and any other man created objects removed. The generated DSM and DTM are highly accurate and provides an accurate digital representation of the project area.

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Coloured Point Cloud

A Point Cloud is a densified dataset of millions of 3D points in space representing an object or surface. Each point has accurate X, Y and Z coordinates as well as RGB colour values for true representation. Point Clouds are generated from the high-resolution images by using specialized software and are used to generate accurate profiles, Digital Surface/Terrain Models as well as 3D mesh surfaces.

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3D Textured Mesh

The 3D textured mesh is a surface generated from the point cloud and is composed by triangles that represents the shape of a model that consists of vertices, edges, faces and may include textures from images draped on the surface of the model. A 3D textured mesh is created to look good and give a visual representation of how an object looks but is not suitable for accurate measurements.

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Stockpile Volumes

Material volume and cut & fill calculations are done with speed and a high degree of accuracy using RPAs and photogrammetry software. A high-resolution surface model is created from using aerial survey methods from which the volume of material, or the cut and fill for a location, are calculated. The accuracy is comparable to traditional survey methods with the added benefit of being more economical and much faster to produce.